What is Misakey Technology ?#

Misakey technology aims at becoming a standard for user management, personal data management and service interoperability for the modern Internet world.

The goal is to make it easy and quick to create web services and applications with a fluid user experience, a user-centric consent management and a high degree of interoperability.

Misakey tech is developed by the French company Misakey. All the source code being developed is open source, and we are open to external contributions (see the contribution guide)

About this Documentation#

This documentation is a compilation of all the technical resources you need to use Misakey tech. You will find quick-start guides to start hacking with the technology, installation guides for any system, tutorials for integrating our SDKs, explanation on how to use our CMS integrations, administration guides, and API documentation.

More Resources#

Misakey's website: to have a more functional view of what we are doing.

Source code repositories: to check our source code and maybe start contributing.

Our manifesto: to learn more about who is behind the product, our values and our goals.

Next Section#

In the next section, we will see the different components that make Misakey tech.