Misakey lets you add modern authentication to your application in a few minutes.

You can host your own instance of Misakey SSO (see the installation guide), or you can use Misakey's own SSO instance.

You can see an example of an app (an empty demo React application) using Misakey auth at


Step 1: Create your SSO Client#

If you are using your own instance of Misakey SSO, please follow the guide to create a client.

If you want to use Misakey's instance, please contact us ( We will create credentials on our instance and send them to you (the automated registration interface is still being developped).

Step 2: Install the SDK#

For now our SDK is only compatible with React applications. If you need another framework, you can tell us at (

npm install @misakey/sdk

Step 3: Integrate the SDK in Your App#

Import and Initialize the Configuration#

import { useMisakeyAuth } from "@misakey/sdk";
/** Copy this snippet in the config part of your app */
const authConfig = {
clientId: 'e60ee766-d285-44a6-88c0-2d6e5c4633c1',
redirectUri: 'http://localhost:3000/callback',
buttonPlacement: 'top-right',
userInfoRequirement: ['email'],

Integrate the Hook in Your App#

const { isAuthCallback, isAuthenticated, userProfile } = useMisakeyAuth(authConfig);
if (isAuthCallback) { return null; }

Use the Auth Context#

{isAuthenticated ? (
// Display your logged-in interface
`Hello ${}`
) : (
// Display your logged-out interface
'Hello stranger, please signin !'

For more details, you can check out the repository of the SDK


This SDK is still in beta version. If you need a more robust version of the SDK, contact us ( to tell us what it is you need the most.