Running locally

In this tutorial, you will get to run the Misakey's stack locally in 5 min. After that you will be able to start hacking around.

For production install, please check the dedicated guide.

Install the Stack#


  • Python3 (with Pip)
  • Docker
  • Docker compose
  • Git

Misakey's “Test & Run” Project#

We grouped all the tools required to run the app locally in a project called test and run.

Clone the repository with git clone

Install the CLI:

  • Go to the misacli directory
  • Make sure you have pip for Python 3
  • Run pip install -e .

⚠️ The misacli CLI must be used in the root directory of the project.

Run the command misacli init and follow the instructions.

The others commands are described in the CLI help (misacli --help).

Example: To run the whole application, run misacli run app.

Using the Application#

Open your web browser and go to


You will have to accept self-signed certificates (3 times): we decided to use SSL even in local development environement to be closer to a real-world environment.

Then you can play with the demo application: using the auth, creating data channels and chatting through them…

Hacking Around#

From there, you can create your own app using the SSO and the other bricks of the system.

You can find a more complete documentation of the APIs and the usage of the stack in dedicated guides.