Misakey lets you add modern authentication to your application in a few minutes. You have two possibilites to do so:

You can see an example of an app (an empty demo React application) using Misakey auth at


Step 1: Create your SSO Client#

If you are using your own instance of Misakey SSO, you must create your own sso client following this guide.

If you want to use Misakey's instance, please contact us ( We will quickly create credentials on our instance and send them to you (the automated registration interface is still being developped).

Step 2: Install the SDK#

For now our SDK is only compatible with React applications. If you need another framework, you can tell us at (

npm install @misakey/sdk

Step 3: Integrate the SDK in Your App#

Import and Initialize the Configuration#

import { useMisakeyAuth } from "@misakey/sdk";
/** Copy this snippet in the config part of your app */
const authConfig = {
clientId: 'e60ee766-d285-44a6-88c0-2d6e5c4633c1',
redirectUri: 'http://localhost:3000/callback',
buttonPlacement: 'top-right',
userInfoRequirement: ['email'],

Integrate the Hook in Your App#

const { isAuthCallback, isAuthenticated, userProfile } = useMisakeyAuth(authConfig);
if (isAuthCallback) { return null; }

Use the Auth Context#

{isAuthenticated ? (
// Display your logged-in interface
`Hello ${}`
) : (
// Display your logged-out interface
'Hello stranger, please signin !'

For more details, you can check out the repository of the SDK


This SDK is still in beta version. If you need a more robust version of the SDK, contact us ( to tell us what it is you need the most.