Create auth client

Before you can interact with Misakey tech, you have to create an authentication client to authenticate your users or give access to another service to your user data.

Misakey uses ORY Hydra as an OpenID server. To create a client, you have to send a POST request to http://your-hydra-admin-url:4445/clients with the following body:

"client_id": "DEFINE A UUIDv6",
"client_name": "NAME OF YOUR CLIENT",
"redirect_uris": ["https://MISAKEY_URL.your-org.tld/login/callback"],
"grant_types": ["authorization_code", "client_credentials"],
"response_types": ["id_token", "token", "code"],
"scope": "openid email",
"subject_type": "pairwise",
"token_endpoint_auth_method": "client_secret_post",
"userinfo_signed_response_alg": "none",