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Welcome to the Misakey documentation ! πŸŽ‰ πŸ‘‹

We hope you will find all what you need to play with and understand the Misakey system.


If you have any question/feedback/demand, feel free to contact us here.

Getting Started#

We suggest you to take note of the documentation structure.


πŸ’‘ If you wish to plug your service to Misakey, here is the first guide you probably need: Manage your organization.

What does Misakey do?#

Misakey technology aims at building a standard for user management, personal data management and service interoperability for the modern Internet world.

The goal is to make it easy and quick to create web services and applications with a fluid user experience, a user-centric consent management and a high degree of interoperability.

Misakey tech is developed by the French company Misakey. All the source code being developed is open source, and we are open to external contributions (see the contribution guide).

HTTPs API as a Service#

Misakey backend is written in Golang and offers you user management and a secure data vault system through an HTTP API, accessible anytime and anywhere.

It is an identity provider with encrypted data exchanges built together in order to keep a full control over authentication, authorizations strategies, and to make cryptographic concepts as smooth as possible to deal with, keeping security our main concern.

What does Misakey backend offer you when deployed:

  • register/authenticate users using passwordless, password & MFA (TOTP/Webauthn).
  • store any kind of user data using end-to-end encryption in a dedicated vault.
  • manage organizations and roles within the system.
  • authorize organizations (humans and machines) and users to access encrypted vaults via user consent.

The system implements Open ID Connect and end-to-end encryption protocols.

The system also includes notifications using different channels (email, in-app...).

Frontend for User Authentication#

Misakey frontend provides multiple features for authentication, and new ones are added on a regular basis:

  • Passwordless auth (email confirmation)
  • Sign-up / Sign-in
  • Muti-Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA): WebAuthn, TOTP
  • Consent management (TOS/Privacy policy, data access consent)

SDKs and UI Kit for Building Apps#

We provide SDKs and a UI kit to integrate the Misakey technology in any existing or new application. They allow integration with all the features provided by the backend, described in the corresponding section.

More information here.

CMS Plugins for One Click Integration#

We develop some plugins for popular CMS (Wordpress, Prestashop, ...) for easy integration. We are looking for new software to integrates to integrate with, so feel free to suggest new integrations or to contribute to ongoing ones.

More information here.


Contribution Model#

Misakey tech is mainly developed by the Misakey company. We decided to share all of our work under open source licenses, and we welcome external contributions. Typically:

  • Bug reports & fixes
  • Feature proposal & development
  • UI Kit & SDK
  • CMS Plugins

Where To Discuss#

We have many ways to talk about improvement suggestions ⬆️, questions❓, issue reports πŸ”΄, SDKs πŸ”§...

Please choose the one you prefer: