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Explanation of the basics of Misakey's system and its architecture.

Global lexicon:#

  • Organization: it represents a legal entity owning data related to subjects (people).
  • Box: a confidential space within the context of an organization where the data is shared between users, machines using end-to-end encryption.
  • Datatag: a free text attached to an organization and some data. It allows the identification of the type of data, for easier retrieval of data but also to enable data sharing consent.
  • Identity: the entity representing a human or a machine. It stands for "user" within Misakey system, where users can also be a machine representing an organization.
  • Data subject: the identity concerned by the data. The data subject has access to the data they are linked to, and can decid
  • Identifier value: it is the claim value identifying the identity: an email, a phone number...
  • Identifier kind: it is the claim type of the identifier value: email, phone...