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About Misakey#

Misakey is an single account infrastructure for data portability. It provides the API to simplify and secure the access to client data for you, for your clients and your partners. Check out our website : to get the full picture.

Rose's journey with Misakey#

Rose is a regular Internet user.

Rose is also a serious trail runner. She needs new pairs of shoes twice a year.

A big race is coming next month. Rose has recently bought new shoes but the pair does not suit her so well. She has to find new ones.

As Rose browses through her favorite trail shoes shop : , she find a keen new model that looks perfect.


Misakey Checkout is activated on the website.

After adding to her cart the keen new shoes she wants, Rose proceed to buy the shoes. As Rose has a Misakey account, she clicks on the "Checkout with Misakey" to select the shipping address and the paiement information to confirm her purchase.

Rose is good to go, setup for her next race.

Misakey checkout illustration

Vault# website protects its clients personal data with Misakey Vault.

As Rose confirmed her purchase, she receives a confirmation email.

The email contains a magic link to her invoice stored in her Vault on the Misakey infrastructure.

Misakey vault illustration

Just like her purchase experience is both practical and safe, Rose wants her personal data to be protected from her email provider. Rose also likes to get a simple access to her purchases and invoices history in her Vault, emails are a mess.


As her new keen trail shoes are on their way, Rose wants to sell the current pair she barely used. is Rose favorite resale online shop. website has activated many Misakey features.

As Rose browses to, she signs in with a simple click on the "Connect with Misakey" button. She instantly confirms her ID and continues to

Misakey connect illustration


For KYC purposes, requires a confirmation of Rose personal information : Full Name, Email address and Phone number. displays a request for information banner as Rose browses the website.

Rose chooses to confirm her information with Misakey Identity as it is the fastest and most reliable solution.

She reviews the information shared to As they are still up to date, she confirms and continues back to website.

Rose is thrilled, the experience was smooth, fast and form free.

Misakey Identity illustration


Rose wants to sell her shoes a good price as she bought them only a few days ago. As Rose starts creating a new offer to sell her shoes on, the website gives her the opportunity to import product information and the official invoice from the purchase on

Rose clicks on the sync button, consents to sync invoices from to and continues back to creating the offer to sell her shoes.

Rose can select the right invoice on to make her selling offer more valuable to the buyers. She can peacefully put a fair price on her sale.

Misakey Sync illustration

Rose is happy because she knows people will have a better perception of how new and un-used her trail shoes are.

Going further#

Should you like to activate Misakey features for your website or application, detailed information can be found in the Misakey documentation. Feel free to start a conversation.