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Manage your organization

In this guide, we explain how to create an organization and manage it.

Create your organization#

Creation of an organization allows you to create boxes linked to it and manage them.

In other terms, you can:

  • push your data securely to Misakey vault and keep control over it.


  1. Go on
  2. If not done yet, connect your identity on the platform.
  3. You should be able to create an organization on the switch organization menu.

As the creator, you are now admin of the organization.

Generate a secret for your organization#


This action must be done carefully. The loss of your secret is irreversible. When you generate a secret while one already exists, the previous one is completely removed from the system. This makes all current services using this secret break in real-time.

Actions restricted to organization admins.


You can see your organization ID on this page, it is useful in many situations later.

The creation of a secret for your organization is a mandatory step to authenticate your machine as your organization.

Once you have your secret, you can push data as an organization using the HTTP API (see the manage data for your organization guide guide).


  1. Go on and ensure the selected organization is the one requiring new datatags. By default, you are in your "Personal Space", click on it to change it.
  2. Access the options panel by clicking on the button on the left of "Discussions".
  3. If you are admin of the organization, you should see a Secret Generation options.
  4. Generate a new secret only if you are sure you can override the potentially existing one. A secure secret is generated for you. You can copy it to a secure vault on your side. โš ๏ธ Misakey does not have any readable record of this secret so keep it safe, it is the only time we can display it to you in clear.

You have now a way to authenticate a service/machine as an organization, using client credentials flow explained in the next section.

Get an access token for your organization#

In order to perform requests to our HTTP API, your calls must be authorized.

Our auth system implements OpenID Connect protocol and the flow to retrieve an access token as an organization is the client credential flow using client_secret_post method:


  1. You should have created an organization and have generated a secret for that same organization.
  2. See the reference endpoint here to see how to perform this flow in one HTTP request.

You have now an organization and a way to be authorized in the name of this organization using Bearer token on our API calls.

In the next guides, we describe you how to start storing data for your organization and users.