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CMS Integration


CMS Integration are not ready for production yet. This page is only here to give you a glimpse on how they will work. If you need a CMS for a specific technology, feel free to ask for it.

General Consideration#

Misakey aims at helping every website and application to get a clean user management and personal data management.

Not all people or projects can use APIs and SDKs. This is why we are developing some integrations with majors CMS and e-commerce engines (Wordpress, Prestashop, ...).

Since everything we do is open source, if you have the right skills you can even develop your own CMS integration!

Which CMS are available ?#

For now, we don't have any integration that are ready to be used in production. We have a pragmatic approach for integration development: we don't want to develop integrations that won't be used. So if you would use Misakey on a CMS for your site, open a Github issue or tell us at!