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SDK Integration


SDK integrations are not ready for production yet. This page is only here to give you a glimpse on how they will work. If you need a SDK for a specific technology, feel free to contact us.

General Considerations#

Most of the processing in Misakey technology is done by the Misakey services, which you can either host yourself or consume as a SaaS (see the CMS integration guide). Now all you have to do for your application to communicate with the Misakey services is to use one of our SDKs.

Do not hesitate to develop your own SDK or contribute to existing ones!

What does Misakey SDKs do?#

Frontend SDK#

Frontend SDK provide the following features:

  • Authentication, including logging out
  • End-to-end encryption (data encryption & decryption, and key management)
  • External service data browsing
  • Management of user consent

Backend SDK#

  • Definition of access management rules
  • Data model management
  • Programmatic data access
  • Messaging

Which SDKs are available ?#

For now, we don't have any SDK that are ready to be used in production. We have a pragmatic approach for integration development: we don't want to develop integrations that won't be used. So if you want to use Misakey with a specific language for your app, tell us at!